About Us

At Diamond Coffee we have learnt a few things about coffee production. Namely, fancy names and fancy prices do not automatically add up to a truly memorable cup of tea or coffee

We purchase only the highest grade and finest quality 100 % Arabica Coffee beans and imported teas. This is not being fanatical. Rather, it is the crucial difference between you, our valued customer, having a good cup of tea or coffee, and enjoying a memorable one.

Our goal is not only to please you with the existing coffees that we have available, but to enhance what we currently offer you. In the process, we are developing new tastes that will not only entice, but also satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

AAA Diamond Coffee Pty. Ltd. solely focuses on the importation, roasting and packaging of the finest quality coffee beans and fine teas. We use only the highest quality beans for all our single origin and blended coffees, including Chemical Free Water Process Decaf.


All of our coffee we obtain is grown high in mountains from various countries around the world that aresynonymous with coffee growing. AAA Diamond Coffee then prepares and roasts each bean to exact requirements, to ensure that its’ peak flavour is captured. FRESHNESS IS PARAMOUNT.

The manner in which the beans are handled and roasted honours our cherished traditions. We roast our products the old fashioned way – by sight, smell and sound. Small batch roasting ensures we maintain precise control over each stage of the production process.

The highest quality packaging available protects all our coffee. Each bag incorporates an air valve, which allows the Carbon Dioxide to escape, without inflating or bursting the bag. This also ensures the freshness of the beans is maintained, by preventing the entry of oxygen, moisture and airborne organisms. 

Roasting Facility

In our large warehouse, our highly skilled roaster sharpens his talents daily by working with our customers to produce taste and flavors, not only unique to diamond but flavors that are unique to our retailers that come to us and require a difference that sets them apart from the rest. They can work together to have their own intellectual property that is theirs to keep.


Once processed, our coffee is then packaged for immediate direct delivery to our retail and wholesale customers and outlets. Coffee orders will be delivered to the Adelaide metropolitan ON THE SAME DAY of roasting. Orders to all other parts of Australia will be DELIVERED WITHIN 24HRS by Express Post. (PH: 0431081378)

If you are not 100 % satisfied with any of our products, please return them to your place of purchase for a full refund, or replacement. (PH:0431081378)